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Senjak,Gradska vila u bašti, Lux, 620kvm,7.0,bazen

Senjak - Beograd - RS -
ID: 500021006-16
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On Senjak, a town house-villa in the garden, Belgrade modern, built on the rock, refined style based on the architectural work of Dragiša Brašovan. A building idea is a hidden luxury. Situated on the quiet street corner, in a rich cypress plant and a variety of greenery on 9.8 acres of land.
It consists of a basement (with a swimming pool), a parter, a first floor and a pull out floor with a terrace of 150 sqm.
In the basement there is a swimming pool with relaxation area as well as a dressing room, a bathroom and a toilet.
At the same level there is a pantry, rooms for the staff behind, a bathroom, a kitchen. Then there is the exit to the garage with two to three parking spaces, an elevator to the last floor.
The parter enters through the anteroom, then into the spacious hall, which reflects the light and extravagance. Throughout the whole building dominates the luxurious opening of the galery type, which gives the feeling of virtual air space, and gives a special ambience to the whole designer's idea. There is also a large wardrobe from which you enter the guest restroom.
From the hall there is a luxurious living room with a fireplace, with the whole width of the villa, and on the left and right wing there are another room, a kitchen with a dining room with all the fittings and accompanying technique. Elevator.
Two terraces around the parter which descend into the garden.
First floor
Four rooms with their own bathrooms, toilets, terraces. One dagger.
Gallery, elevator.
Suspended floor
Along the entire gallery pillar, the staircase with wide padded marble kick plates, from parter to the suspended floor, rise.
50 sqm, one large room, bathroom with toilet, exit to a large roof terrace of 150 sqm.
Gallery, elevator.
The roof terrace has been opened and has a shower, faucet, dagger.
It is important to note that there is a possibility as well as a project designed to adapt the roof terrace to the winter garden, living space or premises as needed.
The view from this terrace is up to the horizons.
The top-grade marble, parquet oak, electric blinds for blinds, Villeroy & Boch sanitary ware, Geberit non-slip piping system.
Central heating, electric heating, gas and oil, LG Art Cool climate in all rooms.
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elitni i otmeni deo Beograda, koji čuva skriveni luksuz vlasnika najlepših zdanja svoje metropole.
Opis lokacije

elitni i otmeni deo Beograda, koji čuva skriveni luksuz vlasnika najlepših zdanja svoje metropole.

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Snežana Juričević - RE/MAX Vista - Vista Point, Reg. No 1019
Snežana Juričević


Snežana Juričević

RE/MAX Vista - Vista Point, Reg. No 1019

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